Project Name: Home-based RMG (Ready Made Garments) Work to Secure Livelihood and Social Aspects of Adolescent Girls in Khulna City

Project Area: Khulna City Corporation

Project Duration: January 2015 – December 2017 (3 Years)

Donor/Partner: Ashar Gan, Onlus Italy

Total Project Budget: BDT 52,36,007

Working Sector: Capacity Building & Livelihood

Target People: Adolescent Girls (15-19 Years)

RMG Project

Goals/Objectives of Project:

Specific Objectives:

a) To strengthen capacities, focusing to quality RMG products & marketing skills of targeted adolescent girls about their current situations, informal RMG sector and their role in secured jobs;
b) To increase access to home based RMG related provision to job and health facilities at household level of the selected adolescent girls;
c) To facilitate in promoting local market chain increase access to information among primary and secondary stakeholders through documentation and dissemination.

Major Activities:

 Base line survey;
 Formation of livelihood sewing group;
 Organize livelihood skill training program;
 Purchase of sewing machine & equipment;
 Distribution of sewing machine;
 Organize monthly group meeting on issue based discussion;
 Monthly staff meeting and
 District coordination meeting.

Major Outcomes/Results:

a) 100% of the target adolescent girls are skilled and capable enough to lead better life with secured income and improved health.
b) 100% children of the selected households of the adolescent girls are going regularly to schools and their health status is gradually improving because of better hygiene practices;
c) Local market chain is established for marketing the products of produces by the targeted adolescent girls.

Major Challenges:

a) At first, most of the family members of adolescent girls in the selected area did not seem to be cooperative. They were not willing to provide their personal information for survey.

b) There was a huge pressure from local Govt. representatives and leaders to select beneficiaries.
c) Due to fund constrains, SPACE distributed only 29 sewing machines to 29 beneficiaries out of 200 beneficiaries in this duration.


In spite of dearth of resources and fund constrains, SPACE tries to maintain an effective balance at the output level this year. SPACE is grateful for the financial support provided by its development partner and hopes to carry on their amplified ropes in progress near future.

Adolescent girls enjoying their sewing training
After training on Ready Made Garments (RMG) one of the beneficiaries receiving sewing machine from SPACE Khulna
Part of beneficiaries who received their sewing machine from SPACE Khulna Office


Meem Akter

“I will never forget the day when i get the sewing machine after the completion of sewing training. I want to thank Ashar Gan and SPACE for their support and pray to almighty for their welfare. I want to launch a shop for my father in future. My mother will not work as a maid at all if my father could flourish his business. Besides I want to continue my study while continuing my work.”

Meem Akter (14 Years)

Farzana Akter

“After getting the sewing machine, my father could not stop his joy of tears. This machine becomes a blessing for me and my family. We are now living our life like prior what we used to live with my father. I want to thank SPACE and Ashar Gan to support me with this machine which truly change my life and make my family respectable to others. In future I will open a tailoring shop and want to create jobs for poor girls like me.”

Farzana Akter (18 Years)

Sheuly Aakter

 “Sewing machine brings solvency in my life. We are not vulnerable anymore. My family gets rid of vicious cycle of poverty. I thank to SPACE and Ashar Gan Onlus, Italy from the core of my heart and wish them to continue their task so that girls like me could get help and become economically solvent.”

Sheuly Akter (18 Years)

Eity Akter

“I have no worry to run my family because sewing machine eradicates my entire burden. I will rehabilitate my derail brother by engaging him in a business. Besides, I will give some money to my father to do less hardy job. We will reside in a better house in future where my mother will only involve in household chores.”

Eity Akter (15 Years)