SPACE has been working to provide improve access to safe drinking water, sanitation and also practicing hygienic behavior at school since its inception. SPACE with the financial and technical assistance of the external and internal donors, has facilitated in installing hygienic latrines, DTWs and hand washing devices at schools. During the reporting period, SPACE installed 17 hygienic latrines and repaired 20 latrines at different project areas where around 6,839 students are getting access to improved latrine facilities. Girls are particularly vulnerable to dropping out of school, partly because many are reluctant to continue their schooling when toilet and washing facilities are not available or not separate. Understanding the crying need, SPACE installed 3 latrines at school with menstrual hygiene facilities where 970 girls have access to latrine facilities.

School Toilet Repair
Hand Washing & Hygiene Practice in School

To ensure safe water access, SPACE installed 16 DTWs and repaired 10 DTWs which covered 4926 and 2656 students respectively. As children spend most of their time in schools, hand washing is very important for their personal hygiene. For this, SPACE installed 26 hand washing devices at school during the reporting time. Consequently 6,117 students have access to hand washing facilities. According to monitoring report around 95% students wash their hands at five critical times during school hours. SPACE has facilitated in installing WASH facilities among 122 schools till to date through which around 45,896 students have access to improved WASH facilities.