Project Name: LIC Project under the Framework of Saidabad WTPP Phase lll, Dhaka WASA

Project Area: Sattola, Mohakhali, Banani, Dhaka-1212

Project Duration: November 2017 to September 2018 (Total 11 months)

Donor/Partner: Dhaka WASA

Total Project Budget: BDT 2,90,00,000

Working Sector: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Target People: Male, female, adolescent boys & girls, children of Sattola slum dwellers, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Taken Agreement Letter from PD of Dhaka WASA

Brief Description of the Project:

Name of Lead Organization: Society for People’s Action in Change & Equity (SPACE)

Name of Consortium Organization: Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF) & Kabir Enterprise (KE)

Objectives of the Project:

  • To reduce illegal water line connection & increasing govt. revenue;
  • Supply adequate water among the slum dwellers;
  • Reduce diarrheal disease from drinking polluted water & lack of sanitation;
  • Illegal vendors have been reduced & water point customer had got legal water point & committed to pay revenue to the government;
  • Awareness raising, enhancing knowledge & capacity building for practicing hygiene promotion.

Major Activities, Target & Achievement:

Sl. No Name of Activity Project Target Achievement
1. Project launching meeting with CBO, local leaders & ward councilor; 5 5
2. Baseline survey; 1 1
3. Customer list collection & finalization 230 230
4. Taken approval from the Dhaka WASA of customer list; 230 230
5. Online application for meter purchase & connection permission; 230 230
6. Conduction  Basic Training to CBO on Operation & Management 71 65
7. Caretaker Training on Water Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance 230 230
8. Training on Water Safety Plan (WSP) 1200 1125
9. Conduction of Hygiene Promotion Session 1344 1157
10. Observation of International Women’s Day & World Water day. 2 2

Major Challenges:

  • Construction materials caring road was narrow
  • Heavy rainfall;
  • Construction materials could not caring for main road cutting during construction period;
  • Local muscleman;
  • Community level conducting hygiene promotion session sitting arrangement was narrow;
  • Central server problem of WASA for connection permission.

Overcoming the Challenges:

  • Communicated with DNCC for road construction;
  • communicate with CBO & local leaders for solving the problem about local muscleman;
  • More labor involved to complete the construction works during the period.


  • Construction works should be started in the winter season;
  • Project duration should be extended


The project has successfully accomplished its water supply facilities at above mention slum areas. At the same things the lot has ensured different types of capacity building training and awareness activity among CBO & LIC inhabitants. They are committed to provide water bill regularly to DWASA. CBO leaders are committed to collect water bill & deposit to the Dhaka WASA accounts.