Project Name: Improving Livelihood Status of Climate Affected Poor Women and Children through Home-Based RMG and Skill Supports

Project Area: Ward No. 17,18, 19, 21, 22, 24 and 25 of Khulna City Corporation, Khulna

Project Duration: October 2016 to September 2018 (2 Years)

Donor/Partner: Australian High Commission, Dhaka

Total Project Budget: BDT 23,98,000

Working Sector: Livelihood & Income Generation

Target People: Adolescent Girls & Women

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Brief Description of the Project:

The proposed project is a scale of the on-going project focuses to the poor young women of Khulna city who work in the informal RMG sector. All these women have migrated from the climate affected rural areas who lost their assets and they have to shoulder financial liabilities of their family as the major earner. The proposed project aims at improving livelihood status of those poor young women supporting sewing machines, skill training and market linking. At the end expected outputs and outcomes of the project are: strengthened capacities of the targeted women, especially in collecting work orders from the local garment shops, international markets, selling their products at good price; increased income opportunities and improved work environment at home free from social and health risks. Above all, the young women enjoy a better livelihood with human dignity, economic and social security. In order to achieve the project objectives, SPACE has identified a package of activities which include: baseline survey, kick off meeting, sensitization meeting with parents/guardians, awareness activities, Skill training, Supporting sewing machines, advocacy meeting, local market chain development etc. Documentation and dissemination also will be one of the important areas of activities to address the objectives of the proposed project. Ensuring active community participation, gender sensitive implementation procedures, accountability, transparency, cost-effectiveness, need-based service rendering, SPACE will implement the project activities within the project period. SPACE will give equal emphasis to the quantitative and qualitative aspects of implementation.

SPACE will directly implement the project involving the members of LGIs and relevant stakeholders at local level. The Executive Director of SAPCE will be accountable to the Australian High Commission (AHC), Dhaka for overall management of the project and quality implantation of the project activities in line with project agreement to be signed in between the AHC and SPACE. The Project Manager (who will carry responsibility of the project management integrating with his current responsibilities of other projects) based at SPACE Head office at Dhaka will be the overall management of the project. A Regional Manager (Who looks other projects in SPACE Khulna project area) will directly be involved in the implementation level and be accountable to the Project Manager. He will give as much as required time for the quality implementation of the project. One Technical Trainer and one Community Facilitator who also works in the same are under other on-going project in the same areas will flank the Regional Manager in effective and result-based implementation of the project. The project will maintain all necessary coordination and collaboration with all the local stakeholders e.g. Khulna Development Authorities, Municipal staffs and authorities, elected bodies (Local Commissioner), private sector actors (Informal RMG) etc. SPACE will ensure necessary and adequate Monitoring supports to the project involving its senior level staffs, review progress related to activities and budgets and filed visits. SPACE will disseminate updated information of the project to the AHC through submitting activity progress and financial expenditure reports in every two months followed by the guidelines and reporting tools of the AHC. Accordingly, it will also submit acquittal and project evaluation reports to the AHC as followed by its instructions and guidance.

Goals of the Project:

This project goal is   improving livelihood status of those poor young women supporting 200 sewing machines, skill training, health education, occupational health safety & hygiene promotion training, market linking.

Objectives of the Project:

The project has defined the following objectives to achieve:

1. To strengthen capacities of targeted poor women through awareness rising, organizing them and imparting skill training;

2. To increase their livelihood facilities through supporting sewing machine and necessary equipment;

3. To increase scope to sale their products through developing market chain;

4. To increase their socio-economic network through establishing linkage with public-private stakeholders;

5. To increase scope of information dissemination among relevant stakeholders.

Major Activities with Achievement:

  • Total # 4 Kick off meeting have been performed.
  • Total # 5 Sensitization Meeting have been conducted.
  • Total # 8 RMG Groups was Formation with orientation.
  • Occupational Health Safety & Hygiene Promotion
  • Develop Training Materials, Total 4000 Yearly calendrer.
  • Total # 160 Technical Training of sewing with Operational &Maintained was promoted .
  • Total # 160 Sewing Machines Distribution were distributed among the adolescent girls. Development of IEC/BCC
  • Total # 5 Advocacy Meeting was held.
  • Total 10 number of case studies have been documented.
  • Monthly Monitoring & Follow up activities was performed.

Major Challenges:

  • There was a huge pressure from local govt representatives and leaders to select beneficiaries.
  • Beneficiaries selection process in slum area of KCC.
  • Migration people of Slums.

Recommendation & Conclusion:

  • Throughout the reporting time, the project undertook a package of activities such as organized skill training and orientation program, formulated livelihood sewing group, organized and facilitated monthly group meeting on issue-based discussion, purchased and distributed sewing machine to trainees but its not enough for developing or changing the lives style of selected community.
  • The end of the period  the project is completed successfully.  The targeted community has enhanced knowledge of the targeted works specially the adolescent girls about their current situations, informal RMG sector and their role in secured jobs and increased access to home based RMG related provision to job and health facilities at household level through skill training and orientation.
Kick of Meeting
Kick of Meeting
Sensitization Meeting
Sensitization Meeting
Training on Sewing & Cutting
Training on Sewing & Cutting
Sewing Machine Training
Sewing Machine Training
Sewing Machine Distribution
Sewing Machine Distribution
Advocacy Meeting
Advocacy Meeting