To create an enabling environment with appropriate policy and legal frameworks, institutional development, including community participation, human resources development and strengthening of managerial systems; SPACE organizes and conducts different training and orientation programs for staffs and community people. SPACE also conducts training, orientation and workshop with others stakeholders to mobilize them to explore cooperation to implement the project activity at field level. During the reporting time, SPACE conducted 127 training/orientation programs at community and staff level where number of beneficiaries were 2,192.

Training/Orientation at Community level

Name of Training/Orientation Batch Participants
Training on hardware maintenance for caretakers 19 73
Training on hygiene promotion for teachers and SMC 17 510
Orientation on ODF for natural leaders 18 373
Orientation on WASH in school for students 51 1083
Training on WASH technology for SaniMarts 01 11
Training on RMG & sewing machine destitution for girls 01 15
Training on water supply plan 14 87


Training at Staff Level

Name of Training/Orientation Batch Participants
Staff foundation training 03 33
Financial Mgt. training for PM, PC, ED and Accountant 01 04
Monitoring & documentation training for PC and WASH facilitator 01 02
Training on WASH in school for WASH facillitator 01 01