Bangladesh has a high maternal mortality ratio, with 320 deaths per 100,000 births. This means there are about 11,000 to 12,000 women dying from pregnancy or child birth complications every year. This high mortality rate is underpinned by the fact that nine out of every 10 deliveries take place at home, most with unskilled attendants or relatives assisting. National statistics shows that only 29%women receive treatment from medically trained providers for complications during pregnancy and 38% do not seek help. The low status of women, poor quality and low uptake of services all add to this problem.

To address MDG-4 and 5, SPACE ensures safe motherhood for reducing child mortality and morbidity and also improving maternal health. As a part of safe motherhood program, this year SPACE organized 66 health camps and gave advice to the pregnant women and young mothers and continued regular follow -up to identified pregnant women and young mothers through house visit.

And also conducted purposive group session with men groups on safe motherhood to raise people’s awareness and men’s responsibilities on safe delivery and developed safe delivery plan at CSG level.

SPACE facilitated 280 ANC support to pregnant mothers and 209 PNC services to young mothers. It also referred the patients to the nearby government health facilities or facilities remained by other organizations. SPACE also trained the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) for developing their skills and capacities so that they could provide support to pregnant women. According to SPACE monitoring report around 46% deliveries took place by TBAs at home and clinics and all newborns were found healthy.