SPACE promotes transparency and accountability and enhances development cooperation outcomes through collaboration between civil society, governments and private sector actors. SPACE believes that sustainable development of rural community is not possible without strengthening capacities of the Union parishad. To ensure this, SPACE enhances the roles of the concerned Union parishad through various mechanisms, such as, advocacy workshop with the UP, Training, orientation, exchange visits for the UP members. Community Support Group (CSG) and Village Health Community (VHC) plays significant role for community mobilization. Besides, SPACE organizes and conducts all types of activities such as Lunching of the project, stakeholders meeting at level, workshop, awareness program, training program, installation of hardware etc. involving the UP members. The UP members play key role for managing almost all the activities at local level.
The project staffs regularly conducted and organized motivational and awareness activities among the target community for further improving the existing water and sanitation situation. A continuous focus of SPACE strategy will be local capacity development through training at the central and Upazilla levels to increase access and quality services at the community level. Development initiatives are more effective for poverty reduction when all stakeholders, especially citizens and marginalized communities, are actively involved in the planning, execution and monitoring of development programs.
SPACE gives importance on community mobilization to start any program at the field level. During and after finalization of project field the main activity was to establish an effective communication and rapport building with the target communities. In the reporting period formal and informal discussions were held with the community. A numbers of discussion were held with women, community leader, teacher, local elected representatives, DPHE and others respective Govt. agencies through FGD. The community was fully involved in critical analysis of the situation of their respective areas.