To provide primary health services, SPACE has established six community clinics named Kollani Primary Health Care Center at Naikochara, Dhalia & Sagolkhaya under Bangalhalia union of Rajastli Upazilla and Ogaripara, Chushakpara & Chykhang Para under Gainda union of Rajastli Upazilla under Ragamati district. Through these clinics, SPACE offers component of Essential Services Package (ESP) that covers for instance reproductive health care, child health care, and control of communicable diseases, limited curative cares and also ensures behavioral change communication services, personal hygiene promotions, safe water supply and sanitary latrines as a part of WASH program.

During the reporting time, 156 pregnant women received ANC services through SPACE community health workers against targeted 160 and 107 young mothers received PNC services. According to SPACE monitoring report around 93% deliveries attended by skilled providers at home and clinics. After delivery, both mother and new born was found in good health. This year, 2294 patients treated with conditions /diagnosis among them 550 were male, 786 females, 420 boys and 538 were girls. Ragostholi Upazila Health Complex in collaboration with Kollani Primary Health Care Center Rajostholy organized child immunization program where 598 children (aged 0to 5) received various types of vaccination. Besides, project also organized different types of awareness raising programs on safe motherhood, WASH, reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, family planning during the reporting period.


Specific Activities of Community Clinic

  • Visit for health services and counseling by health promoters;
  • Health education sessions organized at clinics;
  • Registration of pregnant women and immunization services;
  • Ensuring that pregnant women come for antenatal and postnatal services;
  • Providing Family Planning methods: pills and condoms;
  • EPI: Organizing EPI program in collaboration with government;
  • Patients treated with conditions/diagnosis: ARI, diarrhea, malaria, fever, cold, STD, malnutrition, referral to higher level.