Field findings of SPACE reveal that people have the willingness, capacities and resources to participate in the project activities which are designed. But, they usually cannot do due to lack of adequate awareness. Realizing the issues, SPACE, during the reporting period devised various kinds of audience friendly and local-culture fitted awareness activities which included community ignition, courtyard meeting on WASH, safe motherhood, reproductive health; school hygiene session, adolescent program, popular theater, sensitization meeting, child to adult dissemination, development of IEC/BCC materials etc. The trained staffs of SPACE facilitate the awareness activities in collaboration of the local UP members and members of the EVMC. SPACE could address 44567 households including 193059 populations under different projects during the year. Field observations further reveal that about 74% people could share at least 3 to 5 WASH nutrition and safe motherhood messages. It is also found that the practice e.g. hand washing, food safety level did not come parallel to the knowledge level, which are around 26%.