SPACE conducts advocacy in two levels- policy level and grass root level; which is a planned, deliberate, sustained effort to raise awareness of an issue or issues for the benefit of poor segment of population. It is an ongoing process where support and understanding are built in order to change attitudes, policies or practices. Advocacy has developed to recognize differences both in people themselves and in their needs for support which may change during their life. SPACE believes to change the life of downtrodden disadvantaged segment of people through an active advocacy campaign. The advocacy campaign promotes change by influencing communities, institutions, government officials and policy makers which SPACE wants to make sure of.

SPACE conducts advocacy campaign at the program areas among local elites, social and religious leaders, Local Government Institutes internal and external partners in order to mobilize them to the program of SPACE in their respective areas. Through different meeting at different level SPACE have shared different information and explored the cooperation to implement the program activities. As advocacy campaign the organization holds community triggering meeting, project launching meeting advocacy meeting with LGIs in district and upazila level. This campaign takes along stakeholders from government officials to those at masses, to participate in formulating and achieving the millennium development goals. In the reporting time, SPACE advocate for various issues encompassing a large number of populations.