SPACE strives to operate a systematic management towards achieving its objectives and expected outputs, outcomes and impacts. As an integral part of this, it has decentralized its operational mechanism both at head Office and Project offices for reducing the supervisory and managerial spans of the Executive Director. SPACE, in the meanwhile, has formed Human Resource Management Unit, Finance & Administrative Unit, Implementation Unit, Training Unit; Research, Monitoring & Documentation Unit and Procurement Unit at Dhaka Head Office level. The units, except the Finance & Administrative Unit and Human Resource Management Unit, are managed and led by the Unit Chiefs who are directly responsible to the Program Director. The Project Offices are managed by the Project Coordinators/Project Managers (Based at Local/Project offices) who are directly responsible to the Program Manager (Based at Dhaka) and works under the supervision of the Program Director.

The Executive Director directly supervises the Deputy Director, Program Director, Finance & Administrative Manager and Human Resource Manager. In the decision-making process, SPACE has formed a Management Group consisting five members (Executive Director, Deputy Director, Program Director, Finance & Administrative Manager, Program Manager and Advocacy & Documentation Manager).

Finance & Accounts Management

The Finance & Accounts Manager having Masters in Accounting and Fourteen years of experience in reputed national NGOs manages the Finance & Accounts Unit of SPACE. He is flanked by 2 Accountants, who are also with excellent accounting background. The accounts are regularly audited by Internal Auditor, whose academic background is a Masters in Accounting having Professional Degree in Chartered Accountant Course Completed (CACC). The financial audit is also done by the reputed External Audit Farms which are enlisted by NGO affairs Bureau. SPACE uses standard software (Tally ERP-9) for its computerized accounts system to ensure accuracy and transparency in Accounts management followed by a well-defined Financial Guidelines.

Procurement Management

To ensure purchase the right goods/materials on right price with right quantity and qualities including right time, right places, right sources and right services to satisfy organizational requirements keeping consistency, fairness, equity and transparency, SPACE manages all kinds of procurements. It emphasizes on maximizing competition with an uninterrupted flow of goods and services towards quality and best value, not simply on lowest price of the goods/materials to purchase competitively by keeping ahead of marketplace. Followed by its well-defined procurement policy (Which has been formulated based on the national and international standardization of procurement), SPACE performs all kinds of purchases through an approved Procurement Committees both at Head Office Project Office levels.