SPACE sets its programme priority based on upcoming needs of the disadvantaged people of the country and to contribute to the national and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

WASH is one of the priority areas of SPACE work. SPACE has been providing WASH support to the most vulnerable people and communities in Bangladesh since it was established. SPACE has given priority to the people who are in coastal belt facing problem of salinity and scarcity of safe water, the people in the hills those who don’t have easy solution of getting access to safe water area, the people at the chars-the poorest people victims of climate change, the people in the slums-highly dense with poor living conditions and the children and adolescent in schools.

We are used to promote participatory approach and to respect to the best and affordable choices of the people in terms of selection of locations, technologies, design and price, operation and maintenance of the WASH facilities. SPACE has gained good experience of promoting environment friendly technologies; the water supply technologies include different types of Hand Tube-Wells (HTWS) depending on hydro-geological situation, Rain Water Harvesting Units (RWHUs), Pond Sand Filters (PSFs), Gravity Flow Systems (GFS), and Piped Water Supply etc. SPACE is one of the pioneers in promoting Eco-Sanitation technology in Bangladesh, in addition-onset and offset pit latrines, community latrines, public toilet and sanitation block are some commonly used sanitation technologies by SPACE. SPACE follows integrated approach for promotion of water and sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene is an integral part always with technologies so the results on behavioral changes and incidents of waterborne diseases are encouraging.

Community Development

Urban Development

Community development is an integral part of SPACE interventions. Community mobilization for ensure participation of targeted people in all planning, implementation and O&M activities for sustainability of the results. Furthermore, community mobilization follows process which build capacity of community to tackle disasters, climate change affect and other social, legal and economic issues.

Reproductive Health & Safe Motherhood

SPACE is experienced in implementing health and nutrition related interventions through Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), primary healthcare, awareness on antenatal and postnatal care, provision of basic health services through community clinics and establishment of linkages and partnerships with government and other agencies through which the targeted community of SPACE can have better access to the health services. SPACE realizes that WASH can contribute a lot to the health but sustainable improvement of health and nutrition requires more than the WASH.

Therefore, integration of health and nutrition become a common approach of SPACE in almost all relevant programs. Integrated health and nutrition program is one of the priority areas of SPACE to be given emphasis in the strategic plan 2016-2021. Bangladesh has achieved a lot in child and maternal health during MDGs but sustainability and quality remain questions to be given priority in SPACE program to contribute to SDGs.

Livelihood Improvements

Food Security & Livelihood

SPACE is always concern about the improvement of environment. In last 5 years some initiatives have been taken in small scale. These include promotion of Improve Cooking Stove which reduces carbon omission, save firewood and forestry, plantation; organic agriculture and farming, promotion of eco-fertilizer from fecal sludge was another challenging initiative of SPACE in recent years..



SPACE has gained experience in promoting education to the children in urban slums, the most vulnerable group of children with no or little scope for education. Furthermore, continuation of ongoing education by the children and adolescents in low income communities is another challenging approach of SPACE for education program. Promotion and continuation of education supports, especially for the girls can reduce significant amount of early marriage and violence against girls and women. This is also another focus area of SPACE program expansion.

Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) & Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

SPACE is highly concern and has been addressing the issues of CCA and DRR in its program interventions. Coastal belt is one of the priority areas of SPACE for addressing salinity and emergency responses. The hills where the natural flow of water is not functioning properly because of climate change affect, SPACE is working with appropriate methods and technologies to address the challenge. Similarly, SPACE is also addressing the issues of arsenic in ground water, promotion of alternative technologies for reduction of groundwater extraction etc.

Food Security & Nutrition

Nutrition Plot

SPACE through its Nutrition Programme promotes small organic farming at homesteads and farm fields. Consequently, hundreds of thousands households in the project areas have access to adequate, Improved and safe food facilities at their footsteps. It has further contributed in job creation for women, reducing malnutrition among poor children and women.