SPACE is an acronym which stands Society for Peoples Actions in Change & Equity is a Not-for Profit Peoples centered development organization which has been founded in July 2003 by a group of development professionals who have long experience and expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene, public health, nutrition, education, community development, poverty reduction climate change adaptation and disasters risk reduction.

SPACE is registered from Department of Social Welfare (Dh-08883) and NGO Affairs Bureau (NGO Affairs Bureau-2085) and started program implementation in 2005. It envisages a poverty and hunger-free society where all children and women enjoy healthy living, equal opportunities, human dignity and security. It dedicates to contribute in reducing rate of mortality, morbidity and improving livelihood status of underprivileged poor, deprived children in Bangladesh through facilitating need-based interventions in respect to capacity strengthening; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); health and nutrition; food security; Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation; Disaster Risks Reduction; environmental management from its inception in early of 2005. SPACE dedicates to contribute in reducing child mortality and morbidity and improving public health status based on ecological sanitation, waste management, organic foods that means eco-product in Bangladesh.

SPACE believes in transformation of realities of life is a process, and in the context of Bangladesh, social inequalities, disparities and violation of human rights are intrinsic. So, instead of further absorbing, it is prudent to address the process to change the course as of needs. This may seem to be a ‘Dream’; however, a relentless effort may take the organization as close as possible to the ‘Dream’. SPACE strongly believes that social change is feasible if insights are gained and effective efforts are taken, which may begin at a micro level. SPACE would take concerted efforts to transform ‘Imagined Community’ to a reality.  Here ‘Imagined Community’ refers to an ideal society where every human has freedom, dignity, rights and possibilities to materialize their inner potentialities. SPACE is hopeful that all these efforts together would surely meet the key-expectations of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).